Monaro Pools

Pool Maintenance

Monaro Pools utilises the latest technology, including the introduction of an on site, full testing Mini Lab. We now test pool water with the Photometer System interfaced with the latest in micro-processing technology, as used by health personnel.  servicing

The result… an instant, direct and accurate reading!  

As you are aware, water quality not only affects the swimmer but also the equipment and the interior surface of the pool. Monaro Pools can provide the correct data to make things a little easier, ensuring your pool water is always of high quality.  

We can establish maintenance programs for all pool & spa owners, including residential, Motels, retirement villages & Snowy Mountain chalet operators, as we have done many times in the past.  

All water is tested to Australian Standards (AS 3633) ensuring terrific water quality at all times. All work is supervised by the owner to further ensure top quality.   Your pool and spa are investments. If not given the proper care they deserve, they could cause expensive repairs and lots of frustration.  

Our aim is to give you choices on products, be flexible where we can and provide you with the best prices. The initial investment in purchasing a pool does not have to be expensive as we can cater the package to allow you to add items when your budget allows at a later date.  

Our network of reliable suppliers and tradesmen has built up over the years, through long term association, but if you prefer your own tradesmen, that’s ok too. It is totally your choice.

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Don’t forget to ask for your complimentary Test n Tag on your pool appliances (AS3760)!

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Remember: It’s you have to regularly check your pool gate and fencing. 

Or you can set up a regular booking with us to check it for you!