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Building Your Pool

Tips on saving money when building your pool.


Harvest Lap Pools

Your pool is an investment with many years of enjoyment for family and friends. But it doesn’t have to cost the earth.

When you decide to buy or build your pool, your original estimates can blow out tremendously. 

You can save big money by shopping around after you have negotiated the basics with your pool builder.


Miami & SwinSpa Pools

Basically, the only things you really need to get from your pool builder are the pool, the filter and the pump. You can save $$$’s on such items as:

  • Solar Heating
  • Salt Chlorination
  • Pool covers and rollers
  • All other accessories

You can save money just by leaving them off the contract, then add them as your budget allows.


Obtain a price per item from the builder, then call Monaro Pools for our prices.

You may be pleasantly surprised how much you can save!

Monaro Pools ONLY install Lap Pools, Miami & SwimSpa Pools by Harvest Pools so we do it better!

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“Afterall, Its your money. You might as well save some!”